Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 2020-05-05

Service Ownership

  1. The customer account is created with the information supplied during the order process. No formalities are required, such as hand written letters, signatures, document copies, or other, but they may be required for some follow-up operations at customer request. If the information supplied initially is incorrect, we may be unable to execute the later operations. This is specially true, but not exclusively, for domain registration/transfer.
  2. All communication and authentication of customer requests is made informally by e-mail, even if the customer has eventually supplied us with other formal documents. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that he's the only one with access to the e-mail mailbox supplied to us during the order process and that this mailbox is read at least once a week. It is also his responsibility to notify us when this e-mail address changes. All requests received and/or confirmed coming from that address are considered real, authenticated and final.

Acceptable use policy

  1. The customer is solely responsible for all content and use of the computer resources and services rented from us, and explicitly releases Cynergi from any legal responsibility arising from those, accepting to cover all legal costs and compensations related to suites against Cynergi for content or misuse of the services rendered.
  2. The customer may not use the services for illegal activities, or activities found objectionable by a large community, such as deliberate hate or covert fake news.
  3. Our services cannot be used undermine, knowingly or otherwise, the stability, security and privacy of networks, servers or systems. This includes software and spam that undermine our systems in terms of performance and interoperability.

Service quality

  1. Cynergi builds on the shoulders of companies well-known for their reliability and performance such as Amazon. However, Cynergi cannot not guarantee that it will be able to offer its services with these high standards 100% of the time.
  2. Cynergi reserves the right to update server software and make small adjustments to installed features at any time. Such adjustments will be communicated with at least one (1) month notice, unless such advance notice is not possible to solve urgent security or reliability problems.
  3. Our technical support will provide help on how to use the available features, but we do not provide custom server configuration beyond what is described in the order forms and/or discussed over e-mail with the customer. We therefore cannot guarantee that the services will be suited for any particular customer purposes and you should discuss any suitability concerns with our staff over e-mail.


  1. When services are cancelled, all your data held in them is permanently lost without possibility of recovery.
  2. Services can be cancelled (1) at customer request, (2) if renewal funds are not received before the renewal date, (3) if a government agency requests this on legal grounds, (4) if the customer breaks these terms

Billing and payments

  1. You will receive an e-mail with the summary of the amount to pay, before each renewal date. The e-mail will instruct you to visit https://fidelis.corebase.biz for more details and payment instructions.
  2. Payment must only be made using one of the accepted payment methods shown on that Web site.
  3. Your payments will all be matched by electronic invoices sent by e-mail.
  4. Cynergi doesn't issue paper invoices.

Refunds and credits

  1. Credit is based on the number of full months that were paid for but not used.
  2. Credit is automatically used to cover costs incurred with any other customer services.
  3. Credit is only refunded when the customer has no other active services with us and the amount in credit is more than ten (10) Euros.
  4. Refunds are always made using the same provider and account as the original payment. The beneficiary will support the operation costs.


These terms may be changed at any time. Cynergi will inform customers of these changes. Cynergi will be entitled to cancel accounts of customers who explicitly do not accept the terms.