VPS Hosting by Cynergi

Secure and Trusted

Non-secure connections are disallowed. And your e-mail is very hard to impersonate.

Reliable and Easy

We build our VPS1 on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), world-leader in hosting. And we hide the complexity of the command prompt from you.

Est. 1995

Draw on the experience of
award-winning Cynergi,
established in 1995

Data Privacy

You can only reach your Serenity VPS1 services via encrypted channels identified with standard public certificates. Non-encrypted versions of FTP, e-mail mailboxes and other services are disabled on the server and blocked by an external firewall. This prevents password sniffing attacks and ensures your private data stays private, even on the go.

Dependable E-mail

Serenity's support of SPF, DKIM and DMARC2 helps prevent e-mail sender address forgery. This reduces the number of phishing3 e-mails that make it into your mailbox, and prevents third parties from impersonating you, and even internal users from impersonating each other. Further support for SMTPS increases end-to-end e-mail privacy. RBL4 spam rejection, per-address optional Greylisting5, vulnerability scanning and Sieve support make this one of the most secure and dependable e-mail services you'll find.

Easy and Customizable

Terminal access (SSH) is for professional System Managers. We disable it as clients often break their servers with it. Serenity instead looks like a simple shared-hosting account, even though you own the entire server.
Serenity uses Apache as the HTTP/HTTPS server, which increases compatibility with popular frameworks such as Wordpress and Magento and allows you to have your own cloud drive (WebDAV).

Fast so you
Don't Break the Bank

Serenity uses Apache in Event (async) mode, active HTTP/2 support and active caching of static files, bringing it on par with the fastest Web servers.
PHP 7 is by itself 2.5x faster than its predecessors, and in Serenity it runs as PHP-FPM6 and includes Swoole7, a high-performance coroutine async framework that keeps getting top results in web performance benchmarks.
Together with the ability to host your server in over a dozen world locations, not only will your users will have a terrific experience, but you can do more with less. 

  1. Virtual Private Server. A real hardware server computer that runs multiple (virtual) Operating Systems completely independent from one another, as if each was their own computer.
  2. SPF, DKIM and DMARC are e-mail standards that allow a domain owner to publicly state which are the Internet servers that are known to be legitimate senders of e-mail for that domain. DKIM in particular allows a domain owner to criptographically sign the messages, allowing recipients to check not only for legitimacy, but also tampering. Serenity does these checks server-side on all incoming and outgoing e-mail, ensuring full e-mail client compatibility (smartphones, tablets, etc.).
  3. Phishing e-mails are messages intended to deceive the recipient into disclosing private information (such as access credentials) or executing restricted operations (such as payments)
  4. Real-time Blackhole Lists, also known as Reputation Block Lists. Public services such as Spamhaus, SpamCop and Barracuda offer RBLs of domain names known for being the source of spam or malware. Serenity checks these on every incoming e-mail message.
  5. Greylisting is a spam countermeasure. It works by rejecting the first delivery attempt of an e-mail, with a "temporary failure". The sender is supposed to try again after a short amount of time. Spam software doesn't retry and instead tipically gives up. The drawback is that every legitimate e-mail sent to you is also delayed by an unknown number of minutes. Serenity allows you to configure each individual e-mail address with Greylisting, so you can turn it on or off as spam gets worse or under control.
  6. PHP FastCGI Process Manager. This decouples the Web server from the PHP runtime, foregoing the frequent restart required on other modes of operation.
  7. Learn more on the Web sites for Swoole and TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks