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Founded in 1995, Cynergi is one of the most experienced Web solutions companies in the world.

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Read some of the Internet landmarks on the right column and see how Cynergi fits in those events. Nearly every event is documented: click an event to see the Web page that documents it.


of experience

Did you know that Google was founded after Cynergi? Did you know we were born in the same year as the PHP Web language? Did you know we witnessed the birth of Microsoft's ASP and more recently .NET Web technology? That we witnessed the birth of HTML 2.0 to 4.0 and XML?

The early years we impressive and intense. They were a time of plowing through virgin territory, of building things with your own hands. It was an unforgettable and irretrievable experience. Young companies that are founded today in this field do not know what they've missed in terms of experience and they barely know what's behind the technology they use in terms of reliability and forgotten problems.

But even after years we're still as fresh and energetic as usual. Bluetooth, 3G (UMTS) phones, the iPhone, LTE networks (4G), optical fiber, HDTV, blogs and a series of new technologies open up a huge world of opportunities. Opportunities we are already investing in with the creation of new products.

Don't stand still. Bring your project to this wonderful medium. But choose an experienced partner. Very experienced. Choose Cynergi.


1991†††Linus Torvalds begins work on what is today Linux
1991†††Domain "" is registered by Microsoft Corp.
1994†††Yahoo! founded
1995†††Netscape launches its Netscape 2 browser introducing a (then) brand new language: JavaScript
1995†††PHP/FI created by Rasmus Lerdorf
1995†††Cynergi's business idea, name, and first partners are found
1995†††Pedro Freire, founder of Cynergi at age 21, registers for business and launches Cynergi's first Web site
1996†††Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 1.0 was launched on Windows NT 3.51
1996†††HTML 2.0 standard is published
1996†††Google is started under the name "BackRub"
1996†††Hotmail is commercially launched
1997†††Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) 1.0 is released together with IIS 3.0
1997†††HTML 4.0 standard is published (the last before the current XHTML)
1997†††Microsoft buys Hotmail
1998†††PayPal is founded
1998†††XML 1.0 standard is published
1999†††CSS 1.0 standard is published
1999†††Network Solutions loses monopoly on ".com" domain registration
2000†††Corebase Ltd. is founded to manage the Cynergi trademark
2000†††PHP 4 is released
2000†††XHTML 1.0 standard is published
2002†††ASP.NET 1.0 is released
2002†††eBay acquires PayPal
2005†††ASP.NET 2.0 is released
Group Corebase