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Realizing your project

Making your project a reality on the Internet is a collaborative process between us.

Cynergi development

We convert Microsoft Word documents and pictures of your choosing into Internet format. Site update requires a new order. Domain registration and 3 months of hosting included.

We develop your web site for you using a specialized design template of your choosing. Site can be updated by you or your staff over the Internet with little or no training. Domain registration and 3 months of hosting included.


Please note that this service doesn't include all costs related to hosting – the rental of computer resources so that the site is permanently accessible to visitors – or domain. You may already have these services in which case we will deliver the product finished and ready to install. Otherwise please see the included hosting account for more information.



The Web site development process is extremely simple for you, but you should already know which content (text and photos) you wish to place on the site.

We need you to provide us with the list of sections that you wish to create on the site. For instance:

  • Presentation / "About us"
  • Product catalog
  • Promotions (home page)
  • Order/contacts

The easiest way to find out which type of sections you should have on your Web site is to search the Internet for other Web sites in the same field as you. Visit Google and pretend you're looking for your own products and see what you find.

As soon as you learn which sections your Web site should have, you should write text and get images for them. No-one knows your project better than yourself, so no-one else can write that text for you. The images can be real photos or you can ask us for generic professional stock photos (at an added cost).

Now return to our Web site and place your order. As soon as we have confirmed your payment we will get in touch with you to receive the computer files with your text and images.

The work will begin. If this is a custom project there will be exchange of several e-mails, calls and/or meetings as applicable. We will show you several prototypes of the work until you approve a final version. If this is a development package we will only get in touch with you if we have any questions or when the work is finished.

Once the work is finished we will show you a final working prototype and issue the final invoice for the remaining amount to pay (custom development). Once this invoice is paid for, the project is moved to the final hosting and opened live for your users.

for your Web site

While you're doing your research on the Internet for similar sites, don't create detailed expectations on the graphical look to give your site. In order to respect copy rights we cannot copy another site's look and you would lose market image and business anyway if you're seen as being simply and blatantly copying your competition.

Remember that a site with automatic orders, automatic quotes or any other type of automatic management only works when all products/services being managed follow some sort of fixed rules and patterns. For instance, if your quotes don't always follow the same criteria (or if it's not possible to make a finite list of such criteria) your Web site can never generate automatic quotes.

Remember that sites usually have side boxes on their pages, like this one. Think if it makes sense to have side notes on your pages and create text for them.

The more different pages you create, the easier it will be for people to find your site and your products through search portals such as Google.

The files you send us with the text for your site should be in Word, Write or ASCII*/UTF-8* (plain text) formats. Don't worry about embellishing the text (colors, fonts, etc.), just worry about titles, paragraphs, bold, italic and notes to guide us in placing the images and separating sections.

The files you send us with the images for your site should be in TIFF, PNG, JPEG or GIF formats (we recommend TIFF and PNG for their greater quality). Each image size (resolution) should be twice of what you expect it to be on the final site but don't "stretch" images if you don't have them already big. Don't send images that are too large – their byte size should be under 2Mb.

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