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Raw power vs. resource managed

The quality of dedicated hosting in shared hosting accounts.

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Cynergi hosting

Family Hosting 
Reserve a domain name for your family name, create e-mail addresses for your children!

Professional Hosting 
With dual domain name included, pre-installed resources for Web development and professional Webmail with employee monitoring support. Includes one Web site template of your choice, for free.

Commerce Hosting 
With triple domain names and built-in EV certificate, these hosting accounts have everything you need to start a trusted electronic commerce site on the Internet. Includes two Web site templates of your choice, for free.

Adding full predictability to your hosting: a full dedicated non-virtual non-cloud* server with its own FQDN* and IP address* adds performance predictability to your site and reduces the chances that your sent e-mail messages are flagged as spam by recipients.


What is
Web hosting

Your Web site is just a set of computer files. The problem is distributing those files to the people wishing to learn more about your project.

[Web site access diagram]

Of course you could distribute them by CD-ROM, but that is expensive, slow and makes interested users give up. The CD-ROM also doesn't allow you to be interactive and provide services to your users. The best option is then Web hosting.

Hosting is the rental of resources of a computer (known as a server) that should be properly configured and permanently connected to the Internet to distribute your Web site files to those visiting it.

or shared

Dedicated hosting is where an entire computer is reserved for your Web site alone. Our Server accounts are of this type and you should use them if you value performance predictability and greater privacy and security.

In shared hosting, multiple Web sites share the same computer, thereby reducing hosting costs to a fraction. Our Family, Professional and Commerce accounts are of this type.

Resource managed
vs. raw power

Take a car vs a high-speed train. Most cars can achieve the same speeds as a high-speed train, but the latter reaches destination much sooner.

And why is that? Because paved roads are meant to be shared amongst numerous cars. There is no coordination in the use of roads: any number of cars can use them at any time. And because you can't predict traffic fluctuations, you end up taking more time to reach your destination.

The railway solves this at a cost. You optimize trains and tracks for speed. You create a schedule so that the trains run on reserved resources (track space). And the result is impressive.

That is the difference between our resource managed and raw power hosting. Raw power hosting clients share server resources by taking advantage of the efficient multitasking systems in the underlying operating systems. The server will gradually lose performance as its load increases. Since load fluctuations are unpredictable, performance will no longer be predictable either, but it becomes possible to offer hosting with few resource usage limitations.

Resource managed hosting solves this issue. We measure the maximum load at which the server still shows high performance. Each client explicitly pays for a part of such load. Any attempt to use resources past such part is denied. This guarantees that the multitasking systems of the underlying operating systems will never be overloaded and all services for every client are predictably fast and efficient with above average performance.

Our Family and Professional accounts are offered both as resource managed or raw power. By their own nature, the Commerce and Server accounts are always resource managed.

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