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Strengthen the security of your internal network and eliminate server management costs by outsourcing Web hosting in a dedicated server.

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Backoffice (part 1) 
The Webmaster: User and e-mail address management.

Backoffice (part 2) 
Other users: The Webmail.

Billing and Payments 
Account statements.


Domain name manual 
What is a domain name? How can I chose one for my Web site? Will I need to present documentation proving I'm entitled to use that name?

Web hosting manual 
What is Web hosting? Do I need my own server? Why are its costs so low? How much bandwidth and space will I need?

SSL/EV certificate manual 
What is an SSL/EV (X.509) certificate? Why and when will I need one? What's the difference between SSL and EV? Why are they so expensive?

Other services

Other available hosting services: Family hosting, professional hosting, commerce hosting, domain registration and SSL/EV certificates.


Are you interested in integrating Cynergi's offer with your own? Are you a Cynergi service client but some other company is charging you for these and you wish to understand the situation better?



Firewalls are barriers against unwanted network traffic. But if your Web site and e-mail are on servers inside of your network, a firewall must allow those requests to pass and those will be doors hackers try to force open. Outsourcing those services will eliminate most security risks on the network that keeps your company alive.

But enhanced security isn't the only reason to have a dedicated server. Your case might be just the opposite: you have your Web site in shared hosting but it isn't working as expected. This is because having "neighbours" on the same sever (the whole concept of shared hosting) brings problems. If a neighbouring site sends spam many anti-spam solutions will "learn" that spam is coming from that server, thereafter classifying your site's legitimate messages as spam as well.

Yet another problem is not knowing when neighbouring sites will launch promotions and events which will cause unpredictable performance degradation of your own site. The solution to these problems is simple: dedicated hosting (a single site on a server).

This hosting is however much more complex and involves configuring, maintaining and managing a Web server. Our solution offers the advantages of a dedicated server without its complexity by offering all the technical capabilities of our other accounts, with the simple management of our backoffice, on a single account in one server.


Server Hosting Unix
100 Gb of space
100 Gb of monthly data traffic
LAMP server* (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
€495.00/month. Quarterly billing.

Server Hosting Windows
100 Gb of space
100 Gb of monthly data traffic
Windows server
€695.00/month. Quarterly billing.



Every Server account includes

  • Two domain names in any of our TLDs*;
  • Secondary domain name in ".com", ".biz", ".info", ".net", ".org" or ".name";
  • Dedicated IP number;
  • 500 users with independent e-mail and support for automatic e-mail classification (smart folders);
  • 50 MySQL databases;
  • FTP* access to upload files;
  • Hosted on a dedicated server;
  •   With resource management.

Every Cynergi service includes
Pro-forma invoice issued upon order placement, electronic billing in advance of each payment renewal date and access to a private Web page where you'll be able to check your current account status (payments made and payments pending), make payments and read and print old invoices.

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