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Protect your site even after disaster

Think of it as our last service to you. A plan to keep your services going even if disaster strikes us.

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Even though data is lost if an entire data center falls victim of disaster, we have copies of service configuration in our headquarters, making it possible to restore all client configuration in less than one week after such tragic event. Clients can restore their data from internal backup copies.


When the
unthinkable happens

The September 11th 2001 New York terrorist attack showed that even a large successful company can disappear overnight. This is unthinkable, but real.

Cynergi exists since 1995 and we won't be leaving this field in the foreseeable future. But we cannot predict catastrophes. We can only prepare for them.

If anything happens simultaneously to everyone involved with our company, our business partners will unquestionably pass on our clients to other companies in the field, after being directed so by our heirs. We make sure our partners have enough information to be able to contact our clients (i.e., you) should they determine that our company is gone.

In such extreme situation, your projects will be ensured continuity, or you will at least have reasonable time to find another company like ours that might suit you.

"Be there

Our philosophy is to provide security to the customer. Our choice of partners involved this issue as a major requirement. You need to ensure that the partner has size, experience and viability to "be there tomorrow".

It is that same guarantee that we strive to provide to our customers. Our experience is unarguable, greater even than many of our partners. But we cannot protect ourselves against the unpredictable. What we can do is offer our clients safeguards that ensure their Internet projects' continuity should the worst happen.

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