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Founded in 1995, Cynergi is one of the most experienced Web solution companies in the world.

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Software that determines whether or not a buyer is tax exempt according to European Union VAT rules.

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Web Engineering
Science & Technology

The field of Web engineering is where we excel. It's the science behind the Web: the intricate intertwining of over 7 programming languages, 6 network protocols, 4 data packaging specifications and multiple database engines. Our unique backoffice services in our web hosting offer are a demonstration of that.

Here you will find the building blocks of a Web site – templates and software for the implementation of advanced features – as well as development services.

Web application

We convert Microsoft Word documents and pictures of your choosing into Internet format. Site update requires a new order. Domain registration and 3 months of hosting included.

We develop your web site for you using a specialized design template of your choosing. Site can be updated by you or your staff over the Internet with little or no training. Domain registration and 3 months of hosting included.

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Web site

Ready made professional templates you can use in your Web project. Hundreds of templates available!

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for the Web and esx.emailarray.php 
PHP 4/5 function to send HTML e-mail messages (with plain text alternative) with attachments. Messages can be digitally signed. Works on any PHP version 4.0.0 and beyond; Linux and Windows.

More software

Extremely fast C command-line application that takes an IPv4 number, looks up a database (you must provide it, but there are several free on the Internet), and returns a two-letter ISO 3166* country code of the location of that IP number.

C command-line application that takes for input an ISO 3166* country code, buyer address and VAT registration number, and determines whether or not that buyer is tax exempt according to European Union VAT rules.

VBA script for Microsoft Access that converts an Access database into SQL statements that recreate that same database (structure and data) in MySQL or mSQL. Free software.

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