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Due to intellectual property and/or security reasons we do not show every detail about the developed projects.



On June 21st 2001 there was a total solar eclipse that covered Angola. MSTelcom contacted us in advance to broadcast the event on its Web site.

Given the high number of expected visits and given we opted not to overload MSTelcom's lines with multiple video streams, we decided to acquire and install two Axis Web cameras specially prepared for network operation, one for the perspective of the horizon and another pointed directly at the eclipse.

We also researched and acquired for MSTelcom a Sun filter to avoid damaging the respective camera. Just like looking directly at the Sun without protection during a solar eclipse can cause blindness, it can also damage light sensors of unprotected cameras.

Last we optimized the servers where the event would be broadcast from so as to ensure their continued operation during the entire event.


The Axis 2120 camera was self-sufficient in terms of network, not needing to be connected to a sever and even being able to act as its own image server.

[Image of the Axis 2120 camera]

However, given the high expected load for the event, the camera was programmed to regularly send its images (2 per second) to a Web server via FTP.

This server was then optimized for requests that should be served and finished in 0.5 seconds in order to keep it serving during the entire event.

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