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Partnerships: complementing expertise

By reselling our services you will be creating an added value product for your client, in an integrated solution that includes expertise that you normally wouldn't have.

Hosting for resale

Family Hosting 
Reserve a domain name for your family name, create e-mail addresses for your children!

Professional Hosting 
With dual domain name included, pre-installed resources for Web development and professional Webmail with employee monitoring support. Includes one Web site template of your choice, for free.

Commerce Hosting 
With triple domain names and built-in EV certificate, these hosting accounts have everything you need to start a trusted electronic commerce site on the Internet. Includes two Web site templates of your choice, for free.

Adding full predictability to your hosting: a full dedicated non-virtual non-cloud* server with its own FQDN* and IP address* adds performance predictability to your site and reduces the chances that your sent e-mail messages are flagged as spam by recipients.

Are you a resale customer?

Are you paying for Cynergi-branded hosting, but some other company is charging you for it?

This is perfectly acceptable behavior as long as it was that company who you originally hired the service(s) from. This company is probably a Cynergi reseller partner.

To confirm it, please use the second form to the right.


A relationship
of trust

Cynergi offers you the opportunity to resell its hosting services, either branded (Cynergi) or unbranded. Services that need to be configured with names (such as nameservers) use our "Easymatic" brand that we reserve exclusively for unbranded reselling. This option is mostly focused (but not exclusively) in Web design companies thereby perfectly complementing Cynergi's expertise.

It's in our interest to protect our partners in order to maximize the number of accounts they bring us. Towards that end we offer aggressive discounts (that we keep confidential due to business strategy confidentiality) and the option of the partner ordering the services under its name, while keeping public records (such as domain name WHOIS* information) under the name of the end customer.


If you wish to know the discounts we offer and become our resale partner, please fill-in this form.

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If you wish to be sure that there's a partnership between the company that is charging you for services in our name and Cynergi, please fill-in this form.

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