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Professional Web hosting

Being seen as the best is about the whole experience. You will need the technology to provide fast error-free responses to your clients.

Search domain name


Backoffice (part 1) 
The Webmaster: User and e-mail address management.

Backoffice (part 2) 
Other users: The Webmail.

Billing and Payments 
Account statements.


Domain name manual 
What is a domain name? How can I chose one for my Web site? Will I need to present documentation proving I'm entitled to use that name?

Web hosting manual 
What is Web hosting? Do I need my own server? Why are its costs so low? How much bandwidth and space will I need?

Other services

Other available hosting services: Family hosting, commerce hosting, server hosting, domain registration and SSL/EV certificates.


Are you interested in integrating Cynergi's offer with your own? Are you a Cynergi service client but some other company is charging you for these and you wish to understand the situation better?



If your organization needs a professional Web site, that means it has an online communication and/or sales strategy. Such strategy leads to very demanding needs in terms of function, speed and security.

Cynergi's proprietary backoffice in our professional hosting accounts specializes in these needs and demands. It offers a fast and secure Webmail with greater message compatibility than the market leader e-mail readers and specific message printing and digital archive functions. It also offers business analytics with Web site access data shown in printable colorful animated graphics, as well as automatic service configuration and user and e-mail address management. All these features were designed to be used by laymen, eliminating training costs of your employees.

But this does not exclude the IT professional. Surely your demands can't be met by "automatic" Web sites, which is why these accounts have available advanced development features, fully tested, as well as practically all our Web software. All these resources are configured for their best running speed and fastest response to visitors.

Beyond speed and reliability, security is a no less important goal. Security to be able to send and receive information privately between your office(s) and the server without it being read by third parties. Security to be able to use our built-in Webmail to digitally sign messages and check messages' signatures essential to electronic commerce. And security to be able to monitor all messages sent and received by your employees to ensure quality control and productivity.


Professional Hosting Raw
50000+ Mb of space
Unlimited data traffic
Without resource management (raw power) 
€9.99/month. Quarterly billing.

Professional Hosting Managed
50000 Mb (50 Gb) of space
100 Gb of monthly data traffic
With resource management 
€14.99/month. Quarterly billing.

Resource managed vs. raw power 



Every Professional account includes

Every Cynergi service includes
Pro-forma invoice issued upon order placement, electronic billing in advance of each payment renewal date and access to a private Web page where you'll be able to check your current account status (payments made and payments pending), make payments and read and print old invoices.


Besides the common technical features described above and each account's distinctive features, you can still add:

Every 10Mb of space   €0.50/month
Every 10Mb of traffic   €0.20/month
Every user   €1.20/month
MySQL database   €8.99/month
Dedicated IP number   €11.99/month

For other services (domains, certificates, etc.), see the corresponding page of this Web site.

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