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Export Access to mSQL and MySQL

Creating the database structure in a simple tool (such as Microsoft Access) and then converting that structure to the database engine used on the Web server saves time and money.


Creative Commons
License with the rights for non-commercial use, modification and sharing of the code as long as you credit Cynergi for it and show the URL in relevant documentation. You will receive a fully paragraphed and commented VBA file.

[Creative Commons BY-NC-SA]



ExportSQL is a Microsoft Access VBA script that allows you to convert that Jet (Access) database into mSQL* v1, mSQL v2 or MySQL*. This script was created in 1997 by Cynergi and was offered for free to the community.

Nowadays several free tools from MySQL itself (see for instance the MySQL Migration Toolkit) have made this script redundant. Cynergi no longer maintains it or updates it even though it is still offered for free. Some groups on the Internet have expanded it though, and continue some development.


The script runs on Microsoft Access versions from 95 to 2000. It may (or may not) work in more recent Microsoft Access versions. You need to know how to install VBA code in Access in order to use it.

By downloading the software, you will retrieve a text file that should be installed in Access. This file includes comments with all available script usage documentation.

There is no technical support for free products.

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