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Founded in 1995, Cynergi is one of the most experienced Web solution companies in the world.

What's new

EV certificates 
"Green light" for electronic commerce.

Search domain name


Backoffice (part 1) 
The Webmaster: User and e-mail address management.

Backoffice (part 2) 
Other users: The Webmail.

Billing and Payments 
Account statements.


Domain name manual 
What is a domain name? How can I chose one for my Web site? Will I need to present documentation proving I'm entitled to use that name?

Web hosting manual 
What is Web hosting? Do I need my own server? Why are its costs so low? How much bandwidth and space will I need?

SSL/EV certificate manual 
What is an SSL/EV (X.509) certificate? Why and when will I need one? What's the difference between SSL and EV? Why are they so expensive?


Are you interested in integrating Cynergi's offer with your own? Are you a Cynergi service client but some other company is charging you for these and you wish to understand the situation better?


Web hosting
or housing

Web hosting, sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Web housing", supports your Web site's presence on the Internet with computer resources (servers) permanently connected to the network, constantly monitored and maintained for non-stop work.

Your Web site needs a domain name (unique Internet address), the hosting itself, and if it needs to communicate privately with your users (e.g.: to receive orders), it also needs an SSL/EV certificate. Please read the documentation to your left if you need help.

Family Hosting 
Reserve a domain name for your family name, create e-mail addresses for your children!

Professional Hosting 
With dual domain name included, pre-installed resources for Web development and professional Webmail with employee monitoring support. Includes one Web site template of your choice, for free.

Commerce Hosting 
With triple domain names and built-in EV certificate, these hosting accounts have everything you need to start a trusted electronic commerce site on the Internet. Includes two Web site templates of your choice, for free.

Adding full predictability to your hosting: a full dedicated non-virtual non-cloud* server with its own FQDN* and IP address* adds performance predictability to your site and reduces the chances that your sent e-mail messages are flagged as spam by recipients.


SSL Certificate 
A certificate allows for private (SSL*) communication between your Web site and its users, and also provides the user confidence that it is not browsing an impersonator.

EV Certificate 
An Extended Validation (EV) certificate will require documented and live validation of your company. On the latest browsers* it will activate the "green bar" – a visual cue of high trust on a Web site. It provides the user confidence that it is talking to your company and not an impersonator.

Domain name

International and generic:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz (business)
  • .info (informational)
  • .name (personal)
  • .eu (European Union)
  • .aero (aerospace industry)


  • .ag (Antigua and Barbuda)
  • .as (American Samoa)
  • .at (Austria)
  • .be (Belgium)
  • .bz (Belize)
  • .cc (Cocos (Keeling) Islands)
  • .ch (Switzerland)
  • .cn (China)
  • .de (Germany)
  • .dk (Denmark)
  • .hk (Hong-Kong)
  • .il (Israel)
  • .li (Liechtenstein)
  • .lv (Latvia)
  • .my (Malaysia)
  • .nu (Niue)
  • .nz (New Zealand)
  • .ph (Philippines)
  • .pl (Poland)
  • .pt (Portugal)
  • .ru (Russia)
  • .sc (Seychelles)
  • .sg (Singapore)
  • .th (Thailand)
  • .to (Tonga)
  • .tv (Tuvalu)
  • .uk (United Kingdom)
  • .us (United States)
  • .vu (Vanuatu)
  • .ws (Samoa)
  • .za (South Africa)

Cynergi also registers domains under other TLDs*. For more details, contact us.

Domains are registered under your name (public WHOIS* information shows you own the domain) or under ours if you prefer to leave your information confidential or safe from spammers.

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