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VeriSign U.S.A.
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Cynergi/Corebase is officially part of VeriSign's partner program.

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Computers verify that a secure connection to a Web site isn't being intercepted and modified by checking the validity of the site's certificate. This verification is performed cryptographically (using complex mathematical formulas) that test if the certificate has been digitally signed by one of the Certification Authorities* (CA) that the computer has already installed and knows to be trustworthy. If a computer hacker could install a new CA in the victim's computer, he could subvert this process.

Because of this, every attempt at installing a new CA generates a series of security warnings that alert the user. This means that in practice you should only use certificates of trusted, established CAs that come pre-installed in even the oldest computers.

VeriSign is the CA that has been established the longest. It has always been in the browsers' and computers' CA list which means that its certificates have the highest compatibility rate in the market (i.e., they work with the most prospects without scaring them away from a purchase). This is why VeriSign is our partner of choice for digital certificates.

Cynergi hosting

Cynergi offers VeriSign digital certificates at the same price as VeriSign. But by ordering your certificate from us, the order process will be easier and you'll pay for all your Web site services on the same invoice.

An easier certificate order process means having Cynergi handle all technical issues, from issuing the CSR to installing the certificate itself. You will only have to provide documentation to validate your company and other certificate data.

With Cynergi the process of purchasing, renewing and maintaining your certificate thus becomes much more simplified, without added cost to you.

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