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Dependable in performance and support

These are the virtues that unite us in partnership. Rackspace has proven to be a partner up to our demands.


Rackspace U.S.A.
9725 Datapoint Drive, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78229

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Rackspace U.K.
4 The Square
Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1ET
United Kingdom

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Note that we use the term "partners" loosely. Rackspace is a Cynergi/Corebase supplier, and we are Rackspace clients.


A solid base
for hosting

Rackspace has proven to be an excellent business partner. With data centers in the U.S.A., United Kingdom and Hong-Kong (shown in the map bellow), it can place our servers closer to our clients of the Americas, Europe and Asia.

[Data center map]

Even though the distance between the Web server and the user is a minor issue in Web site speed, our tests still show a delay between 3× and 6× in the response latency* (the time delay between a mouse click and the page starting to load) if the user is visiting a site in another continent. With our servers spread across all continents in Rackspace data centers, we eliminate this problem for our clients.

But reduced latency isn't the only quality of these data centers. They offer a professional environment for the servers that will be hosting your site, with redundant hardware for operational reliability and security at all levels.

Rackspace is in no way the only or the cheapest supplier of these services on the market. But the quality of its network and technical support have proven to be invaluable over these long years in partnership, allowing us to offer a service with the quality we demand in terms of speed, reliability and response to events.

From skeleton
to the final product

Rackspace provides us with real servers (not virtual or cloud* servers which have performance predictability problems) with Linux and Windows in standard configuration. Cynergi then adds its own Backoffice applications and software (some of which available for purchase on this site) and configures the server for security and performance in a shared hosting environment.

Our experience becomes irreplaceable here. We've been through unexpected server overloads and implemented measures to avoid them. We've had servers attacked by hackers but recovered in 24h without data loss for our clients. And because we also do development we make sure our Web hosting development features aren't just "installed", but really functional, fast, stable and secure.

added value

New services and price reduction. Rackspace doesn't do shared hosting of multiple sites on the same server, but rather server housing at prices that can easily be higher than €599.00 per month.

Rackspace also doesn't have our experience either in shared hosting or in Web development, so it cannot offer the same kind of support and development that Cynergi does.

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