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Expolider is a company that organizes exhibitions and events. During a partnership with this company, there was a constant need to update its exhibition calendar. Therefore we took upon our own to create a backoffice where this calendar could be quickly and easily updated.

Each exhibition took place every year or every two years around the same time of year (month). Therefore, after creating Expolider's initial exhibition list (name, date, etc.) in an mSQL database, the calendar could be shown reasonably up-to-date even without maintenance. This was achieved by showing the exhibitions in chronological order – past exhibitions were automatically rescheduled and shown with a date that had only year and month (until Expolider confirmed the new date).

Despite this automation, calendar maintenance by Expolider staff was trivial. The user only needed to confirm an exhibition's new date as soon as it was confirmed, using a Web interface.

Our solution also included an automated informative page about each exhibition and its replacement by custom mini-sites when applicable.

Our solution was simple, efficient and applauded by Expolider.


This solution was based on an mSQL database with the following relationship map:

[Expolider's database relationship map]

The exhibitions' data was retrieved on each request for Expolider's calendar. That page's code stored the date-sorted data in an array and then searched that structure for exhibitions with past dates: those exhibitions were re-ordered for their future date based on their frequency. The title in which to show the exhibition ("live exhibitions" or "next exhibitions") is also chosen at this point.

For each exhibition's automated page we also stored and displayed the list of exhibitors, their contacts and other relevant data.

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