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A backoffice for everyone

A backoffice or control panel shouldn't be an IT professional's exclusive tool. Security and ease of use are standard in Cynergi's backoffice.


Backoffice (part 1) 
The Webmaster: User and e-mail address management.

Backoffice (part 2) 
Other users: The Webmail.

Billing and Payments 
Account statements.

Hosting with backoffice

Family Hosting 
Reserve a domain name for your family name, create e-mail addresses for your children!

Professional Hosting 
With dual domain name included, pre-installed resources for Web development and professional Webmail with employee monitoring support. Includes one Web site template of your choice, for free.

Commerce Hosting 
With triple domain names and built-in EV certificate, these hosting accounts have everything you need to start a trusted electronic commerce site on the Internet. Includes two Web site templates of your choice, for free.

Adding full predictability to your hosting: a full dedicated non-virtual non-cloud* server with its own FQDN* and IP address* adds performance predictability to your site and reduces the chances that your sent e-mail messages are flagged as spam by recipients.



Our backoffice system, usually called control panel by other companies, is a private section of your Web site where you can perform configurations, site maintenance, read e-mail and other tasks meant for you as the owner and not the general public.

Each of your employees or family members will be able to access this tool to (at least) access their Webmail*. You can configure each user in detail, including their respective e-mail address. You can also see business analytics (access statistics) of your site in real time (updated at the moment) and with colorful animated graphics.

All these tools were designed to be used by people with little or no technical skills. This means greater satisfaction, greater productivity and greater security.

It also means cost reduction:

  • No training required means no time wasted by your employees learning how to use the system
  • Automatic configuration of site maintenance access (FTP*) and e-mail (POP*) means less demands on your IT staff, as well as shorter pause when your systems fail and configuration needs to be recovered
  • Absence of distractions (branding, advertising, etc.) and ease of use mean greater productivity and quicker return of investment
  • System security means eliminating information leak to third parties (including your competition) and reducing the productivity decrease associated with spam* and phishing*.
The backoffice we offer in all our Unix and Windows hosting is exclusive proprietary Cynergi software. You will not find it in any of our competitors and was designed specifically to support our services.



  • Comfortable: huge screen area to read/write messages
  • Easy to use without any training: no on-screen distractions such as advertising or needless gadgets
  • Accessibility enhancements (including back/forward browser button support)
  • Create and verify digital cryptographic signatures (S/MIME*)
  • Apple Mac and iPhone compatibility: automatic BinHex*/MacBinary* encoding/decoding and enriched text* format support
  • Full compatibility: exchange mails with people using any other e-mail client, whether it uses standard technology (MIME*, HTML*, XHTML*), popular technology (Microsoft TNEF*, yEnc*) or legacy technology (UUEncode*, XXEncode*, enriched text*)
  • Automatic classification: learns your preferences in classifying messages in folders and performs such classification on its own or aids manual classification; after being configured it continues to work for other e-mail clients using the mail box
  • Shared contact list with mobile devices and any other e-mail clients
  • Skype integration
  • Fraud protection: forged sender address detection (when provided by forged domain owner: SPF*, Sender-ID*, DomainKeys* or DKIM*) and display of e-mail addresses along with each sender/recipient name, helping you visually trace frauds
  • Full cross-site-scripting (XSS*) attack protection, using white-listing
  • Dangerous attachment download prevention
  • Privacy protection: doesn't download external images until you allow it to; doesn't send back any "message read" notifications


  • Mailing system errors normalization and translation: most mail system messages are shown with the same look-and-feel and are translated into the user's language, making it easier to understand them at a glance
  • Compose a message and select files to attach freely without uploading; upload all selected attachments at once upon message send
  • 12 font families to compose your message in, each carefully chosen so that the recipient sees the same font as you
  • 216 colors to choose from, again chosen so that the recipient sees the same color
  • Insert tables of any small size with a single click
  • Browser-backed spell-checking supported
  • Network failure protection upon message send

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