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Due to intellectual property and/or security reasons we do not show every detail about the developed projects.



When Expolider contacted us to develop their Web site, we were given total creative liberty as long as it followed the line of the existing corporate image.

To this effect, two of the graphical elements of the Web site, namely the initial image (which is of the greatest importance on the initial impact of a Web site) and the animation of the logo that is shown on some pages, used 3D modeling.

With three-dimensional modeling you get more realistic and physically correct effects than with drawings. The human being has a tremendous innate ability to tell things that "don't add up" (incorrect shadows and perspectives, etc.). 3D modeling almost completely eliminates that problem.

Due to its enhanced realism and countless possibilities, all recent animation movies use computer-based 3D modeling.


The images were created in a three-dimensional space. One contained two textured spheres and text with depth. Strategic spots of light lit only a few intended areas of the scene.

[3D modeling image for Expolider's Web site]

The second image was modeled from "bricks" (rectangular blocks) that were put together to look like the letter "E" in Expolider's logo. A light spot was then placed in a circular path around that letter. After rasterizing a few key-positions of the spot, we got quite an interesting animation.

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